Going to Memphis as fan is a totally different experience than going to perform. When your band is performing you are totally stressed. Did you check in on time? Can we get a table at the venue? Where is everyone? How will Alayna get her giant cart full of horns and monitors thru the crowd? Will we be able to get set up in 5 Min? Who are the other bands? Are they any good? Where are the judges? Do we get a sound check? It's no wonder I don't have time to worry about my hair. Last year I didn't leave Blues City Cafe the whole night. I was curious as to what the other performers were doing and how well they would do it. Blues Content? Originality? Vocal talent? Instrumental talent? Stage presence? We did the scores in our heads for all the other bands. Would we make it to the Semi finals? And then the disappointment when we didn't. I was so nervous I don't even remember who the other band were.

I recommend you go just as a fan sometime. This year we could relax. See whomever we wanted to at whatever venue we liked. We skipped around. We went places just because they had good food. We went to BB Kings and the Rum Boogie just so we could hear bands with B-3 organ in them. We tried to support all the Colorado Bands, of course, but if we didn't make their shows we didn't beat ourselves up. We were there to have a good time and eat some ribs. We didn't even stay out late, when we got tired we went back to the hotel to put our feet up. We discovered some great new talent and would go to see Kyla Brox and Justina Lee Brown wherever they were playing. Good thing too, because neither of them made it to the finals. Something about Blues Content I guess. Doesn't matter that they were both great performers with phenomenal voices. I guess I wouldn't make a good judge, the ones they pick usually bore me. Anyway, next year maybe we'll be stressed by performing again, but for now it was a great IBC.

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