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Band breaks make me nervous

State of Affairs has been on a bit of a forced break. People have been sick, (Doug was hospitalized), busy, and we just plain didn't have any gigs booked. As we all know, getting some musicians to rehearse when there is no gig coming up is a little like pulling teeth with silly string. There ain't no pull. Relaxing can be nice (for awhile), but then I gotta get something done! I said to myself, "Great, we can work on new songs and get our next album together." Easier said than done, I'm afraid. You kinda have to get together as a band for that to happen. So many weeks wasted! I know I sound insensitive to a clearly bad medical issue, and that having no gigs was really a blessing in disguise, (we didn't have to cancel or get fill in players), but it still made me twitchy. Who knows what could happen? The club owners forget about us, fans assume we broke up, musicians forget the songs, the whole thing falls apart! The waiting was painful and the lack of progress even more crazy-inducing, but I think we are finally seeing the end of the tunnel. By the time Bob and I get back from Memphis we will finally be ready to get back at it and the interminable month of January will be over. Thank goodness. Wait, do I say this every January?

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