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In case you missed it, we're in the News!

This last Friday I, (Deborah) was featured in the "Friday Magazine" of the Boulder Daily Camera and the "Spotlight" section of the Longmont Times Call. Check it out!

It was pretty cool to have their entertainment reporter do an article on me. I sent out a press release talking about The Colorado bands going to the IBC in Memphis, thinking that this would be a great local story. When we got back, she wanted to interview me to let people know what I and the band have been up to and to help publicize our Blues Night show at the Dickens April 6th. I sat down with her at the Breadworks in Boulder for an hour-long talk. We chatted over tea and danish and I tried to explain what it felt like to be in Memphis. She asked hard questions like "What was your first performance like?" "Jeez, it was so long ago, who can even remember?" I said. (I am remembering now the Kindergarten Graduation performance where I sang "The Big Brown Bear at the Zoo" in front of everyone. But that day I was too nervous to think of it.) I tried to keep it recent and walked the fine line between shameless self-promotion and feeling I'm talking way too much about myself. But hey, I'm excited about what's going on! Doc even got to throw in a few quotes via email.

Friday morning I ran all over town trying to find copies of the Longmont Times-Call and Boulder Daily Camera, I knew it must have run because there were people sending me messages via the website wanting CD's and to get on the mailing list. But it's hard to find a newspaper anymore, I went to coffee shops, 7-11's and all the places I remember them being back in the day. The only place I could find a newspaper was at King Soopers and they were mostly sold out. I had to go to two different stores to even get both papers so I hope people get to read the article. If you get a chance, check it out and come and see us at the Dickens on April 6th, it's going to be epic!

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