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Memphis Crud?

Erica Brown warned us, "Wash your hands or you'll get the Memphis Crud!" "What the heck is that?" we wondered. Apparently the stress, combined with unhealthy food, staying up too late, drinking, touching things a million other people have touched, etc. will tend to make you sick. I was fine. I brought some elderberry zinc stuff to drink so I wouldn't have to worry, but unfortunately Kevin didn't. He caught a nasty cold and brought it home with us. He has been coughing up a storm all week and now I'm starting to get it. Oi Vey! I guess Doc and all his relatives got it too. Whatever "it" is. Hopefully we'll be well by Wednesday, 'cause we have a big show at Nissi's. 50 RSVP's from the meetup groups, Yikes! I better be able to sing. More Vitamin C!!!

Other than that, we had a great time in Memphis. Sure, we didn't make the finals, but neither did a lot of other people who I thought were great. Seemed like they put all our ping-pong balls in a big lottery blower and some made it out and some didn't, so I didn't feel that badly about not going on. Some finalists made sense and some made you say "Really? They were the best in the world?!" I thought it was an honor just to be there. I finally got my "Women in Blues" necklace and tote bag. I was interviewed for their "Women in Blues" Facebook Live feed.( I think that's where it was going). I started to feel a part of the Blues Community. That was really the coolest part for me. In other news, I attended a Music Industry Speed-dating event, the band got their picture taken by a professional photographer, I got to take a vocal workshop with Shakura S'Aida, I met Sarah Grace (who sang Blues on The Voice),we toured Sun Studios for the nth time, ate at the Rendezvous and the Arcade and got to play twice at the Blues City Cafe (best ribs in town). Not bad for a week. I have to say, my favorite part was getting that necklace, and I guess now I can say I officially have the Memphis Crud. Thanks for everything Memphis, we'll see you next year?

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