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Crunch Time

It's getting down to the wire, and time is flying by too fast. What am I going to wear? How many outfits should I bring? What should I do with my hair? I need help! I need to get my hair colored, my eyelashes done, toenails repainted, lip waxed and if I could lose 10 pounds before I left, that would be cool. You guys have no idea of the stress. I went shoe shopping today to get some sexy stage shoes and was there for hours! All this while rehearsing with State of Affairs and getting ready for a couple of other shows before I leave. Hope I can keep it together!

I can see why movie stars and famous singers say that it takes an army to keep them looking the way they do. Where is my nutritionist, my trainer, my makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe person, personal shopper, nail technician, choreographer, and vocal coach? Look in the mirror, honey, there she is! Sometimes it's exhausting being me. I am sometime songwriter, arranger, music librarian, and web designer for 2 bands. I find gigs, book shows, arrange rehearsals, make set lists, and I send out emails and Facebook posts to get an audience and get blamed if there isn't one. Who puts all of what you see together? Most of the time it's just me. So if you see me and my hair isn't quite in place or my toenails look like they need a polish. Be kind. I'm doing it all and it's Memphis crunch time.

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