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We're going to the Show!

In case you didn't get that pop culture reference, it's from Bull Durham. In the movie, Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins play for a minor league baseball team helped out by sexy super fan Susan Sarandon. Rookie pitcher Tim Robbins gets called up to the Major Leagues, and it's referred to by Kevin Costner as "going to the show". I've got the same feeling as Tim Robbins in that movie. We are headed to the Big Leagues, the International Blues Challenge in Memphis!! Now we just have to breath thru our third eye, wear some ladies underwear and try not to screw it up. (just watch the movie). In "the show" you fly instead of riding the bus, other people carry your bags and you stay at the finest hotels. Of course, we're not quite to the big time yet. We'll still be carrying our own equipment, we won't have groupies at the stage door, and I'll have to do my own makeup, but we're getting closer to the dream. Club owners and promoters are finding out about the MHBS win and sending gigs our way. That's my dream. They call you instead of you calling them. They say do what you love and good things will happen. Well, I built it and they came. (more Kevin Costner movies?) As we move from the minor leagues to the Majors Carla needs to find the chicken so that Doc's guitar won't be cursed and go out of tune. Maybe if I wear the same dress. We're on a streak and you have to respect a winning streak.

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