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Memphis or Cuba?

I am going on a trip in January, I just don't know where yet. You may wonder what the heck I am talking about so I'll explain. A while back the Big Band I sing with (Flatirons Jazz Orchestra) was invited to play in the Havana Jazz Festival in Cuba. Wow, such a cool opportunity, I thought. But since not enough of our players could afford the time and money to make the trip, they had to say we couldn't make it and I was bummed. But I cheered up when they told me that if I wanted to try and take my smaller Jazz this Cuba festival I could have the invitation. So right now I am madly emailing people in Cuba and trying to figure out if I have enough players who have the time and money to go. It would be a great adventure, my first foray into international performing and an awesome feather in my Jazz cap. Sounds pretty good.

Except that the Havana Jazz Fest is the same week as the IBC in Memphis, which we already had tickets and hotel reservations for. My significant other would rather go to Memphis than some country where he can't speak the language or drink the water and I have to admit I get where he is coming from. It would be far more relaxing to not have to worry about travel restrictions, pick pockets and zika mosquitoes. Is it really worth it to go all the way to Cuba for three performances? I'm trying to figure it out.

So is it Jazz or blues? Memphis or Cuba? The scary new place or the familiar old one? Stay tuned.

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