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When you finally give up trying so hard...

Isn't it supposed to be a truism in the dating world, that when you finally stop trying so hard to meet someone, you do. They say it's also works for baby-conceiving, when you relax and let it just happen naturally, infertile couples start cranking out those babies like an assembly line. I would like to think that can work for bands trying to go the the IBC. We, as a band, stopped freaking out and I think it made a big difference in our performance. I watched the video of us doing "Down by the River" at the Colorado Blues Society Blues Challenge and us doing it at Mile High and the difference was night and day. We were so worried about the CBS Challenge that we forgot to have a good time, and it shows. By the time Mile High had rolled around we didn't care quite so much. We added new songs at the last minute and trusted they would be fine. We're also not freaking out about how to cut the set down to 20 minutes for the finals. We're not even going to do the final cutting till a couple of days before Sunday. Let's hope that a lack of trying can bring us what we wanted all along. A good time in Memphis.

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