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Is it our turn, Memphis?

Seems like things are finally falling into place in my life, musically AND otherwise. Once you get your sh*t together, doesn't that mean you get to take it on the road? I am hoping, but such hopes have been dashed in the past, so not hoping too hard. That being said, I am really excited about my new band and the songwriting Doc and I are doing. In fact, we used two of my original songs in our IBC set this time, "Dark Path" and "New Brand of Bull" and hopefully we'll be adding another that features Doc's chords and my lyrics. Of course, we're still deciding if that is the Knock-their-socks-off kinda tune we need to win. Some say yes and some say no in the band, so just to be safe I wrote another one. Turns out I had a lot to say! We have been going around and around trying to find just the perfect song. We feel like vocals and the sax are the things that may give us an advantage over the other groups so we want to make sure they are highlighted. Of course, Blues Content and Originality are also important judging points so we can't just do anything. Should it be something we used in the Mile High Blues Society IBC last year or something new? I reminded people that since this is Colorado Blues Society, they wouldn't have already heard the songs we did for Mile High and those songs originals also. But it seems like band members want to do something new. These guys are good enough players that we can do something new and (hopefully) not screw it up but it also takes a while for a song to settle. The more you do it the better it gets and the more interesting things you think of to do with it. It's just the nature of music. We have a week to get OUR sh*t together and hopefully we'll be on the road to Memphis next. Come and see the FINALS May 7th at the Dickens in Longmont. Maybe it's our turn.

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