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Drummer detained, IBC reigns

Thank you to everyone who made drummer suggestions, but I think we have got our guy! Doug Murphy is the new State of Affairs drummer boy and he is really making everything fall into place. We are working him hard trying to get up to speed for our Arvada Tavern show, April 7th, but from what I've heard it'll be no problem. He's got the groove in his pocket and is making us sound great.

So great that once again we are entering the Blues Challenge. Oh no! not again!

Yes, I won't be happy in life until I get to go to Memphis!! Last year we competed with Mile High Blues Society, tied for first place, but didn't make it to the big show. This time we'll try the Colorado Blues Society IBC and see if our absence has made their hearts grow fonder. This is a brand new group with a great sound that I hope will get their attention. We have written so many new songs we don't even have time to work on them all! (Still breaking in drummer) So the new rules that give extra points for originality should work in our favor. We just have to decide which of the new songs are the best and work them up. It is freeing to be in a band that is excited about writing and learning new stuff. I'm having a blast! We will compete April 23 and I hope to see you all there. More to come... and I mean that in so many ways.

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