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Drummer Blues

For the last few weeks we have been auditioning new Drummers for the band. This sounds easier than it is turning out to be. Just getting some of them to show up is a miracle. For those of you who aren't musicians, let me explain how this world works. If you are a decent drummer, you are probably already working. Even if you are not the designated drummer of a particular band, you are filling in with other bands and doing jams, etc. Most drummers drum with a few different bands, figuring that the more shows they can do the better and that since these bands aren't super busy they will just book gigs with all of them on a first come, first served basis. It works, mostly. Of course, there are times that he will disappoint band A, because he has booked a gig with Band B. Band A will now have to get a fill-in drummer who will not know the songs well, and will do an OK but not perfect job. If he disappoints them enough he may lose Band A's drumming business because they found someone who is more available. It's a balancing act to say the least. All the band wants is to have someone who knows their music and who will be available when they need them. The drummer wants to make a living.

Let's just say it's best for drummers to have a day job.

Seems like anyone who is any good is already busy. Should we try to get in on the rotation of bands that they play with? Are we not just setting ourselves up for scheduling problems and forcing ourselves to have back-up drummers on hand for times when this drummer can't make it? OR should we try someone not quite so polished (or busy) and work with them till we can make it work? We ask so little of a drummer. Don't slow down, Don't speed up. You have one job, you are keeper of the groove. Hopefully we can find someone to keep ours.

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