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Not this Year... Again!

It's hard to take when you really pour your heart into something and it doesn't quite work out the way your wanted. I felt like I put together the best band I could for the MHBS IBC, a really kick-ass group of musicians with the talent and creativity needed. (also a bunch of really nice people) We worked up my original songs and a couple of interesting covers, played them really well and I sang my heart out. Still the Deep Pocket Thieves walked away with our win. I'm not saying they didn't deserve it, because they were great. But we wanted it alot. I guess everybody did.

Ziggie's was hot and crowded for the IBC Sunday. As usual, the longer the afternoon went on, the hotter it got. There was a fan in the room where the musicians cases were stored and our sax player never left it's side. I wanted to stay there, but I needed to see the show and find out how the other bands were doing. I was sucking down lemonade at an alarming rate and it was starting to pucker my throat. As Papa Juke started playing I started to worry a bit, I had sung for 3 and a half hours the night before (at the Stone Soup farewell show), but I hadn't really gotten to warm up today. I was trying to let my pipes rest a bit. I decided to go out to the car and try my voice to see what I had left. It was so hot in the car I couldn't sit there with the windows rolled up and sing loudly like I planned. I started the car to get the air conditioning running. Of course then people thought I was leaving my parking spot. I had to give one after another of them the bad news. The woman whose house I had parked in front of came rushing out, she really needed to move her car there and if I just scooted up she was sure she could get in the spot behind me. When I saw her station wagon come up the street, I knew that was never going to happen. I should have offered her my parking spot but I didn't have time to go looking for another one with only a couple acts to go. She drove away and came walking back in tears. I felt horrible and I still hadn't gotten to warm up. I headed to Snarfs, thinking maybe I could unpucker my throat with a sandwich. I got my sandwich and walked slowly back to Ziggies, singing on the way. Fortunately the sandwich and some water made me feel like I could maybe sing again. Good thing, 'cause it was time for us to go on..I gave it my all despite feeling like the mic was up way too loud and I even surprised myself on the last song " love you more than you'll ever know". I was a night to remember.

We may never know what really gave Deep Pocket Thieves the edge. Every band there was great in their own way. In the end it may just have been the judges personal preference. But we were happy to be a part of a great day of music. Thanks MHBS!

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