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IBC Final Four

Well, we made it to the Finals of the Mile High Blues Society IBC! But we have a little ways to go if we are really going to do this. Thankfully, I have a bunch of musicians who are dedicated, and passionate about winning. They know what this could do for our careers so we are going over things with a fine tooth comb. It amazes me and I am very grateful to be included in such a talented band, we are ready to go to Memphis!

We finally got our scores and comments from the judges today so now we can see what they thought. We received scores ranging from 7's (typical of an advanced local band) to 10's (typical of those who play the mainstage at major festivals) on things like Blues content, Originality, Stage Presence, Vocal Talent, and Instrumental talent. Wow, it just goes to show you how much variability and personal opinion there is in the judging. They said many amazing things about me and the band and it made me feel good that most of the complaints were that they couldn't hear the vocals well enough! They like my originals songs (Yay!) and I couldn't be prouder of what we have put together. Come on out to Ziggies on Sunday and see this thing!

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