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The Road to the MHBS IBC

We've been working on our IBC set diligently trying to polish it up for the contest, but you never know what may happen until you drag that set out into the stagelight and play it LIVE. That's what we were up to last night at Riffs in Denver (a Rock and Roll Bar, if you believe the signage). Last night was their Blues jam and Jam Master Robert Fiorino was kind enough to let us crash the party. We played the entire 25 minute set to a small but mostly enthusiastic crowd. (The only people who weren't enthusiastic were the jammers who decided they probably weren't going to get to play that night). The rest of the crowd was appreciative and excited about our prospects including John Weeks, whose band won the IBC for The Colorado Blues Society this year, and who happened to be there jamming. Hopefully we'll get to join his band in going to Memphis to represent Colorado in the big show!

There were a couple hiccups but mostly it went pretty well. Everyone said they felt better having gotten that first performance under our belts. Everyone's playing was great, I feel honored to perform with such a awesome group of musicians. Their devotion to getting us into the winners circle makes me excited for the future. Hope to see you all Sunday, July 24th at Ziggies for the Mile High Blues Society International Blues Challenge!

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